1) Wonderful quaint Haitian coffeeshop. Nice patio, thechicken patties are WONDERFUL, gorgeous handmade artwork, just a great local spot. Great to support BOB!

  By: JK S, Sunnyside, Queens, NY


2) This is a cute little spot, located across from another cute little spot that i enjoy in the neighborhood. I never really noticed this place, and probably wouldn’t have if it were not for a Yelp search. Anywho, stopped in and wanted to try almost everything on the menu, but I settled for 3.

I had the Jerk Chicken lunch -one size fits all- ($11 or $12) which came with a leg quarter of chicken, rice and beans, and a kale salad. The chicken and the rice and beans had a modest flavor, it wasn’t overly salted. The kale salad was great. I honestly never tried kale and had heard so much good and bad things about it, but this salad made me a fan. It had a great dressing already on it, which I think sealed the deal.

I tried a lemon, ginger, mint drink (cant remember price) and it was a nice mixture. I added a little bit of simple syrup to taste.

I also ordered a veggie patty($3), it was spinach if i remember clearly. It was tasty and flaky. Now i know where to go when I am in the mood to eat Haitian Style patties for lunch.

By: Bria A., Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY


3) Great Customer service. Delicious Haitian patties and the chicken noodle soup is fulling with vegetables and chicken.

By: Louisa M., Brooklyn, NY